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Core concepts / Nomenclature

The elements of the imx platform tend to follow a simple hierarchical structure.

Root serverA registry of discoverable domains, users and content; with simple store-and-forward feature for notifications during off-times and provides content notary/timestamping and user / content authentication.
DomainAn instance (single deployment) of imx. A domain can serve one or more spaces.
SpaceA department in the domain that serves a special interest. A space has multiple sections. A section has a hierarchy of folders and entries. Each data space maintains its own access-control configuration.
SectionA top-level folder in the space that is designated a specific function or meaning.
FolderFile-system based arbitrary structure to help organize the data.
EntrySelf-contained digital asset with it's belongings such as metadata, attachments, user interactions, change history …etc. Persisted in the form of hierarchical structure of files and folders (aka flat-file).
AttachmentA belonging to the entry. Such as binary attachments, documents, images …etc
InteractionUsers' interactions with the entry such as comments, shares, reactions (like/dislike …)
MetadataAdditional metal data associated with the entity such as tags, description, publish-status and so on.
HistoryDetailed traceable history log of activities and changes
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