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imx is a Unified Data Management (UDM) platform (aka Digital Asset Management) capable of assimilating varying forms of data that may be additionally enriched with metadata.

Once assimilated the data is protected by access-control rules and is indexed for quick access and discoverability. Data can then be selectively published for public web access (SEO-enabled) like a regular CMS or restricted to specific users. IMX can be useful to both Enterprises and individuals to establish a data warehouse with digital presence where content can be published and collaborated upon by other users.

Benefits of assimilating valuable data into one warehouse

  1. Data can be structured and organized custom to your specific needs and liking.
  2. Security rules can be easily set and reviewed
  3. Applications can be developed and extended at ease as the data layer is abstracted and separated
  4. Changes can be easily tracked and reviewed.
  5. Absolute transparency: Any type of reports can be generated across the data space; including real-time SLA's, KPI's, OKRs and OPI's.
  6. Reliably and easily backup and archive your data.

Having your golden data (single source of truth) abstracted into that utility data layer is unprecedented. You have a true opportunity to reduce data and technical debt to minimum and maintain your desired governance, quality and data hygiene principles.

The journey of adopting IMX can be accomplished in several ways. For example one could start with off-loading the data from existing systems to imx, then use imx to have backup and generate reports. Applications and features could be grown to integrate then replace older systems.

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