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1. Design and a basic prototype. [Completed]

  • Finalized the design (software stack and data architecture)
  • Completed a core prototype with the basic set of features
  • Migrate a substantial example web site to the new technology (maqola)
  • Build own website with it (

Ideation/Development of the prototype took around 12 months. This milestone is completed and represents 35% of the effort needed to get the product ready.

2. Implement Minimum Viable Product (MVP). [Starting]

  • Audit and review initial implementation
  • Security hardening and audit
  • New UI/UX with few themes.
  • Admin UI: User and Access management.

This stage has just started and it would cover another 35% of the needed effort. At the end of it, a usable product will be available for people to try and provide feedback.

3. Implement remaining major services [Not started]

  • Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Plugins / App store
  • Root Services
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